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 If you've searched through our FAQ section and have a question we haven't answered, we'd like to know so we can add it to our list!

To suggest a topic or question for our Frequently Asked Questions, please write your question and email it to:

As we are survivors, not medical experts, we cannot answer questions of a medical nature (that's where's "Ask The Pros" medical panel comes in!) , or questions regarding your specific case (that's where talking to your own doctor is so important). But we are "experts" in our own field: how we ran our own races, worked with our medical teams, and coped emotionally and physically through our tests, diagnoses, treatments.... and lives, during and after cancer. We found reassurance in listening to other survivors' experiences, and are happy to offer the same back to you.

Our FAQ team generally works a couple of months ahead; for more immediate attention to your questions, we suggest joining the EyesOnThePrize.Org email discussion list.

 Thank you for you interest in the community!