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These FAQs have been answered by women who have tried complentary therapies along with conventional treatments for a gynecologic cancer. For more information, please visit our Web Resources section "Treatments and Tests."

 What about all those "alternative" treatments out there?

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 What about all those "alternative" treatments out there?

 Cathy B., Ontario, Canada: For every standard medical treatment for cancer, I think there are about a hundred or so 'alternative' treatments claiming some success in curing cancer. Every few months, a new report comes along suggesting a possible success. Many of these reports are 'anecdotal' and have not been proven by clinical trial. I have tried many, many alternative treatments, including herbal extracts, diet changes, animal cartilage, teas etc. Also, in the same vein, is the opportunity to explore spiritual enlightenment and different dogmas. I approached all of these things like a 'smorgasboard' and tried a few, passed on a few and adopted a few.

It's been an interesting trip, but my advice is this:

  1. Do your research.
  2. Ask yourself: "Who is gaining if I use this product?"
  3. Will I do any harm?
  4. Talk to people who use the product, service or thinking.
  5. Hello...common sense, where are you???! In other words, make sure your brain and your heart are talking to each other.

This is a very interesting time in cancer research and treatment and there is so much hope on the horizon. Find yourself a really exceptional certified nutritional counselor for a start.

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