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 Charitable contributions

 Memorial donations

 Make a donation depends on the generous support of its donors and the dedicated labor of its volunteers. We gratefully acknowledge the financial help of the following foundations and individuals.


Charitable contributions

  • Kathleen Allen
  • Carole E. Anderson
  • Susan Bates
  • Cathy Black
  • Stephanie Black
  • Lola Bogue
  • H. Edward Donley
  • Janice Donley
  • Susan Donley
  • Ruth Holmes
  • Mureall Hebert
  • Judy Knapp
  • Mary Beth Mueller MacDonald
  • Georgia Parker
  • Karen Phillips
  • Jacqueline Read
  • Jamie Roumeliotis
  • Jeff Redmon
  • Nancy Roach

Memorial Donations (Memorial Page)

In memory of Cathy Black

  • Mo and Margaret Carter
  • Gina Catanzarite
  • Errin Dawson and Family
  • Susan Donley
  • Desi and Ian Duffy
  • Walter and Diana Furry
  • K. Jane George
  • Cheryl and Guy Hillmer
  • Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lovelock
  • Nina Leo and Todd Macyk
  • Robert and Isabelle McChesney
  • Brock and Willa Napier
  • Georgia H. Parker
  • Joann Rider
  • Kelly and Jeff Scowen

In memory of Marcy Bousson

  • Michelle Spiekemann

In memory of Lisa Courchene-Roy

  • Michelle Trackman

In memory of Elizabeth G. Daniel

In memory of Irma Goral

  • Cindy Goral

In memory of Maxine Gronich

  • Julies Gronich

In memory of Marian Hank

  • Clare Hank

In memory of Beth Krenek

  • Susan Donley

In memory of Debra L. Lakin

  • The Lakin Family
  • Maureen and Brian Lakin

In memory of Lori Matthew

  • Jamie Roumeliotis

In memory of Susan Olivieri

  • Karen Phillips

in memory of Olga Maria Reyes

  • Amy Anderson

In memory of Margaret Rohner

  • Carol Farley

In memory of Nancy Tyson

  • Her mother Lucille

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