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Welcome to, a web community created to provide you with information, shared experience, resources, support and company as you run your race with gynecologic cancer.

Launched on Mother's Day, May 14, 2000, went on to incorporate as a non-profit organization in August 2000 and has since received 501 (c)(3) status from the US Internal Revenue Service. Our community includes people from over 80 nations and women with all the reproductive cancers -- cervical, endometrial, ovarian, gestational, tubal, vaginal, vulvar, peritoneal, and uterine sarcomas.

Mission and goals

The mission of, a nonprofit corporation, is to provide information and emotional support from the survivors' perspective to women with gynecologic cancers, their families and friends, and healthcare providers.

Information will be an internationally accessible, reliable, responsive, accurate source of information from the survivor's point-of-view.

Support will be a source of emotional support for women diagnosed with gynecologic cancers and their families, so that they can take control of their experience by sharing the experiences of others.

Community Building

EOTP will promote dialog between survivors, their families and friends, and the healthcare community.

Who we are

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Press Room

 Press Room: Press releases, Facts at a Glance, Reproductive Cancer Statistics

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 If you run a Web site visited by women looking for healthcare information, link to Since how you link matters search engines, we have made up a page of pre-crafted links designed for easy searching.

Symbols and metaphors

 What is "The Prize" in

 Why we chose the IRIS as our flower

How you can help

You can help so many women in need!

 Charitable donations to allow us to maintain this web site and spread the word to other survivors that they are not alone. You can make a donation to EOTP by using our mail-in donation form or your credit card via PayPal. has recieved US 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt status. All donations to are tax-deductible, to the full extent allowable by law. Questions? Email our Treasurer.

 Memorial and In Honor gifts to remember a loved one or celebrate a special survivorship milestone can be acknowledged on this site. See the In Memorium page and our donor page.

 Shop EOTP! Purchases of flowers, books, tapes, EOTP t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and mousepads provides support someone and spreads the word, all while you are helping support! And through, you can buy at over 200 name-brand stores who donate a percentage of their profit to EOTP. Please shop in our online stores.

 Volunteer! EOTP is entirely volunteer-run. If you have special skills--marketing, PR, web programming, medical expertise, editing and writing, etc. -- or a just a willingness to pitch in anywhere to help out, please email us at

 In-kind contributions. We gratefully accept donations of such goods and services as printing, radio and television air time, Internet service, and professional services. Please contact if you are willing to help.

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