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Kudos from the health care community is a must resource for women with gynecologic cancer. It is support that you cannot possibly provide in a doctor's office and it even goes beyond the resources of most comprehensive cancer centers. There is no downside to recommending it and even encouraging it to patients. In addition to scientific facts, it offers practical information and contact to community that is so important in weathering the cancer treatment storms.

Rick Jelovsek, MD
Medical Editor, Woman's Diagnostic Cyber

 Congratulations! You have created a high-quality website by providing up-to-date information that is consistent with the current scientific literature. Your coverage of topics is comprehensive and the material can be appreciated by consumers and health professionals alike.

One of the most striking features of is the "voice" that the writing conveys. Reading through the material, the women behind the words are ever present -- the computer screen disappears and we're listening to others talk to us ... so many people with unique stories, all taking similar journeys with similar themes. Thank you so much for bringing all these supportive and caring individuals into your readers' lives!.

E. Ann Mohide
Associate Professor, McMaster University, School of Nursing
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada is a wonderfully rich resource for women with gyn cancers and all those who love them. At it's core is connection -- connection with one another, connection with accurate and understandable information, and connection with other resources. Visitors will respond with many a small smile of recognition, big sigh of relief and out-loud "thank you". I will offer this website to all our patients.

Judy Knapp, PhD, MSW
Gynecologic Oncology Social Worker, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Insititute
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

 The Internet is a powerful tool to help women with gynecologic cancers to understand their diseases better and find support for themselves and their families. The site is well done and presents accurate and helpful information. Certainly, this wonderful site will continue to grow as women dealing with gyn cancers come to meet other women in the same situations.

David Mutch, MD
Director, Division of Gynecologic Oncology
Washington University School of Medicine
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

 Even when you are surrounded by loving family and friends, living with cancer can be such a lonely and isolating experience. helps women realize that they are not alone in their journeys, that they can share the path with others who understand. This is a safe, compassionate space. In reaching into your own experiences to help others, you are empowered and can find meaning from your illness, even when that doesn't seem possible.

Jane George
Executive Director, Wellwood Resource Centre of Hamilton
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada looks excellent! I have a list of web sites that I give to patients. I'll certainly keep yours available...Thanks for doing this. You make my life easier, and help others in countless ways.

Frederic V. Price, MD
Gynecologic Oncologist, Pittsburgh Gynecologic Oncology
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

 Through reading many nursing and medical articles, I thought I was beginning to understand how diagnosis and treatment of gynaecological cancer impacts a woman, and how we as nurses can help a woman with her journey.

Then I discovered I sat here, reading all the stories, tears streaming down my cheeks. Not just tears for the shocking things that were endured but tears for the strength of these women, their displays of remarkable courage, and their ability to make meaning of it. I thank you for putting a human face to gynaecological cancer. I can only hope that I will never forget what I have learnt here and can use it to provide better care to the women who are also on this journey.

Janine Anderson
Final year student - Bachelor of Nursing. Southern Cross University
Lismore, New South Wales, Australia

Comments from our list members and site visitors

 "I got to the point where I thought I was losing my emotional stability. Thank God I saw a reference to this group and tried it out.... EOTP saved my sanity and let me recognize that I was feeling the same anger and frustration that goes with the territory." --Lori

 "I had no idea what [questions] to ask. Then ... I found EOTP, a wonderful source of questions and answers." --Patricia

 "I thank God for all of you and this site. Until I read your notes, and chatted with a few of you, I thought it was "just me," feeling that life after treatment was just as brutal. I know now, to talk to all of you, instead of "outsiders," when something is on my mind." --Lorrie

 "YOU HAVE DONE A GREAT JOB. Your links are very helpful, and provide clear and concise information. I love the way it's organized, with survivors answering the FAQs and an "Ask the Pros" option. I helped start the Colon Cancer Alliance and I know how hard it is to create and maintain a highly usable website. You have done a great job." --Nancy R

 "This site is the WEALTH of information and support for women going through this!!! I have never met so many people who are so educated about cancer. Someone once said to find a support group in this area, well, I am not sure I would get the same warmth from "live-bodies" as I have with EyesOnThePrize!" --Pat K

 "No matter how much family and friends love and care for you, if they haven't walked the walk, there is absolutely no way that they can understand what is going on. So welcome to this community of loving and understanding women. We are always just a few key strokes away. There are no rules; there are no "silly" or "stupid" questions." --Marion

 You are ALL such wonderful women. I am so thankful for this site and for the unbelievable love and support that you give. I don't know what I would do without all of you. You are all helping to keep my head "above water." --Marcy