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Press Releases

January 9, 2001: Cancer survivors throughout North America unite to establish non-profit organization to support women with gynecologic cancer (National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month (USA) release)

August 31, 2000: gains nonprofit status in time for Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month (September)

May 10, 2000: EyesonthePrize web community launches on Mother's Day

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Clipping File

April 2003 Homemaker's Magazine

", a much-needed Web site for women with gynecological cancers, offers vital support -- and is helping to save lives...

"Cathy [Black] never had any children, but there are other ways to leave a flourishing legacy. One was the Wellwood gyn cancer support group. The other -- a much larger gift, given its active discussion group and more than 30,000 page views each month -- was For the better part of a year [before she died], Black worked feverishly on both."

"Life Support," Health Feature
Homemakers Magazine, Canada

December 31, 2002 Pittsburgh Post Gazette

"With the final issue of the year, Your Health presents its second annual Dozen Making a Difference, profiles of professionals in the health, science and environmental fields who may not always make headlines ...

"Susan Donley: Keeping up support for survivors of gynecological cancers

"Since the Eyes On the Prize Web site began in May 2000 as a virtual support group for women with gynecological cancer, interest has grown tremendously."

A dozen who are making a difference
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh, PA

September 14, 2002 WQED Pittsburgh TV story producer wins a Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award

"OnQ Magazine contributor Gina Catanzarite won the award in the category of Individual Achievement: Writer/Programming. Gina was recognized for her stories on Project Hope, an agency that helps Americans adopt Russian orphans, and Eyes On The Prize, a support group for women with gynecological cancer."

Our Emmy Winners
WQED Pittsburgh press release

January 23, 2002 Pittsburgh Post Gazette

"All cancers are not treated equally: A survivor of cervical and breast cancers finds support communties vary widely" "In less than a decade, I have dealt with two women's cancers -- one above the belt and one below. They involved organs separated by only a small distance. Yet in terms of my personal experience, they were worlds apart." Guest editorial by Katie Allen, EOTP co-founder.

All cancers are not treated equally
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

April 30, 2001 Hamilton Spectator

"Tributes are pouring in from across North America for a Hamilton woman with cancer who used the Internet to link women fighting the same battle. Cathy Black died quietly in her sleep on April 22 at St. Peter's Hospital with her husband Mitch and her sister at her side.... Last year, she and nine other women from across North America launched a one-stop-shop Web resource and community for women affected by reproductive cancers."

Others continue Cathy's "Impossible Dream"
Hamilton Spectator, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

February 15, 2001 The Daily News

"You think it could never happen to you. Then the doctor says three words that change your life forever -- you have cancer. While those words can cut deeper than any knife, they carry even more pain when the cancer involves a woman's reproductive system."

Cancer prompts woman to provide information
The Daily News, McKeesport, PA, USA

January 23, 2001 Tribune Review

"Reaching out to teach women about cancers that strike "below the belt" is Susan Donley of Oakmont. ... "We aren't trying to be a medical site. We're trying to be the voices of women talking to each other. It's more like girlfriends across the table," Donley says. "There's the support and hearing from other women, that `I did this and I survived.'""

Web site on female cancer offers prize of life
Tribune Review, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

January 23, 2001 Pittsburgh Post Gazette

"The 10 women are separated by thousands of miles between Maine and California and Alberta and Ontario. They met in chat rooms on the Internet seeking a common goal: finding women like themselves who had been diagnosed with gynecological cancers."

A place for support for victims of gynecological cancer
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

July 22, 2000 Hamilton Spectator

".....calling on women to come out of the closet to become more aware and to express the need for support, information and social acceptance."

Shining the Spotlight on Cervical Cancer
Hamilton Spectator, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Lilith Magazine June 2000

" reaches out to women who find their fertility, sense of womanhood, and very lives threatened by cancer and its treatment."

Lilith Magazine June 2000

May 15, 2000 Hamilton Spectator

"Along with stories by women about their personal experiences, newly diagnosed patients can find information about types of cancers, their risk factors, warning signs, diagnosis, staging, treatment options, side effects and follow up care. includes a comprehensive list of related links, which were chosen for accuracy, clarity and quality of information."

Hamilton Spectator, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

May 2000

" is a supportive and informative site for women with all gynecological cancers."

One Woman’s Battle with Ovarian Cancer
Reprint of Gina's Story in

May 16, 2000 Myria eNewsletter

Motivated by their experiences with gynecological cancer, ten women from across North America -- who met on an Internet support list - have launched a one-stop Web resource and community for women dealing with reproductive cancers world-wide. offers a wealth of information about the different cancers. Additionally, visitors can read about the personal experiences of others and join an email list that offers a warm, monitored environment for survivors, the people who support them, and interested healthcare professionals.

Myria eNewsletter
"The On-line Magazine for Moms"