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What is the "Prize" in EyesOnThePrize?

Just what's in a name? Our founders were inspired and blessed by an insightful and courageous friend, Bev, whose favourite expression was "keeping my eyes on the prize". For the nine years she was a cancer contender, she never gave the disease the inside track. She WAS the prize and showed us all how to run the race. is dedicated to her memory.

The expression was originally derived from this verse:

"Forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God...." Philippians 3:13-14

What is "The Prize" in EyesOnThePrize?

For us and we hope for all of you, the PRIZE is:

  • The light in the darkness
  • The hope amidst the despair
  • The comfort that crushes fear
  • The belonging that comes with sharing
  • The power that comes with knowledge
  • Knowing the victory is ours, when we run for the goal one small step at a time.

Cathy B., Ontario, Canada

Our EOTP community shares what "The Prize" is to them

 At first, I would have said that my diagnosis was my prize.

It changed my life in so many ways. After the initial shock wore off, our lives have become more focused. As a family, our togetherness has held much more meaning. Faith, family, and fulfillment have moved to the forefront of our days; while the things that held them back, such as over-scheduling, over-working, and over-burdening, have fallen away. I still think about cancer everyday, but it doesn't scare me as it once did. God has truly used for His good what was meant to be used as bad.

God's purpose for my life becomes clearer everday, and I am sure that finding your web-site is a part of His plan. Your flower is my name: Iris And one more thing about it: The rainbow is GOD'S PROMISE. For me, His Promise is my ultimate prize.

Iris, Georgia, USA

 To me, "the prize" is the grace of God that sustained me through my diagnosis and surgery, the strength and comfort He has given me not to worry about what tomorrow may bring so that I may enjoy today, the love and support of my family, knowing that He apparently has things for me to accomplish here yet, and having the assurance when it is "my time" He has a place reserved for me.

P.M., Pennsylvania, USA

 The Prize to me is Life. All the things we, at one time, took for granted. The Prize is that gorgeous sunset, the howling wind, the beautiful snow, even that traffic jam we sit in, being with friends and family, watching my son grow to be a young man, the knowledge that I can conquer everything now. The Prize is life...and now I have focused on how precious and wonderful it is!!

Jill, Delaware, USA

 For me The Prize is the hope that God will always be with me, no matter what road I have to walk, or what happens to my body along the way. It's also the faith that the Beast can't hurt me, the true me, because I am not my body; it is just my temporary home.

Sue D., Pennsylvania, USA

 Amen, Sue!! You have just put my thoughts to the email eloquently. I totally agree with you, that is my "prize" too!

Cheryl, Maryland, USA

 For me right this minute, The Prize is knowing that no matter how bad it gets, there will always be beautiful things to balance it all out. When we stand back and look at the whole picture, we can see the pattern. When I think of list-sisters, the thoughts that come to mind are warm.....someone giving TLC to a beloved and ailing pet, nurturing their loved ones, sharing the beauty of a frosty day, adopting children, giving birth to babies, starting new career adventures,....creating a web site where our hearts can find shelter! Educating and loving and laughing and crying and hugging and picking up the pieces and rearranging them into something new and wonderful.

... the iris is the perfect symbol for us....the bulb looks lifeless and useless, but under the surface it is preparing to explode into a glorious flower!!! So, within each of us there is something growing that will add beauty to our own lives and to those we touch. We will see this maybe only a glimpse at a time and know that the journey is worth the effort.

Carol L, Washington, USA

 It's the idea that there will always be someone, many someone's, who will be there for me as I will be there for them. In glowing health or dread disease, the prize is always connection and communion. This is what makes life worth living for me.

Jax, Maine, USA

 The prize to me is,
The way I know I am loved, even when I am alone.
Loving my friends, even those whom I have never met.
I cannot see hope, but I know it lives inside me.
I cannot stop death, but I know it is not the end.
And even when I die, I will win the race. Because to finish a life that has love is to live forever.

Lola, Utah, USA

 Eyes on the Prize.....When I first found this group I thought that its goal is to live cancer free. CANCER a word that could bring big macho men to their knees in tears. Sometimes, I haven't been able to appreciate life's beauty and wonder at this time in my life. Some days downright STINK, and everything is falling apart and ugly. Other days are uplifting energetic. The Prize for me has taken a new meaning. It now means that I am understood. I can say something to this group and they KNOW exactly how I feel and not just say "I know how you feel" and I know how the other ladies in the group feel. My idea of "Eyes on the Prize" is now love.

Love and Compassion that I share and other share with me. Strangers in a way all across the Globe. Who could be more lucky that to have a Prize like that?

You and I.

Lynda T., New Jersey, USA

 "The Prize" for me is living as long as I possibly can, while remembering to enjoy and appreciate every minute of it. I want to continue savoring every moment of my two children's lives. You can't imagine the total fear you experience when you first receive a cancer diagnosis until it happens to you. But, then the wonderful satisfaction you feel deep inside yourself when you finally beat the "beast" is indescribable. It is a feeling I carry within myself, that no one can take away from me.

Sue B., Pennsylvania, USA

 The Prize for me is the love I found for my poor old body when I learned I had cancer. I know this sounds odd, but for some unexplainable reason, I never considered my cancer as being something was always a part of me, albeit a "sick" part, just like my toes or my pancreas. And so, from then on, I decided to do something I hadn't done in 48 years...I loved my body and nurtured it, all of it, including the cancer. It has been several years now and my cancer is (hopefully) gone, but the mindset remains, and all the parts of my body have benefited from the care I continue to lavish on them. My right breast is especially thankful for my self-love... because of it, my BC was caught before it became a tumor.

Katie, California, USA

 The Prize is life. In all its wonder, faults, and beauty.

PatK, Manitoba, Canada

 I have really enjoyed reading what "The Prize" means to everyone. I have to say that I would agree with everyone about the meaning. I was so glad to find Eyes on the Prize when I did. Just finding this site was Prize enough for me. I was at a time when I really needed a lot of support and understanding. My prize is being here and a part of this group of women. I feel honored to be in such great company.

Rena, Florida, USA

 My prize is waiting for the day that women can be true to themselves and society that gyn issues exist. That we will be able to see clearly all the issues, lay them on the table, sort out the confusion, without any excess baggage (inhibitions) from the past and just get on with our lives.

Kathy M, Western Australia

What is "The Prize" for you?

Share your thoughts and we'll add them here to inspire others in their race with cancer. Email