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Nonprofit incorporation announcement and GCAM release


Top Spot For Web-based Support And Information On Gynecologic Cancers Is Claimed By Grass Roots Survivors' Group On The Eve of Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

Since a Mother's Day launch this year, (EOTP) has proven that a soft spot‚ rather than hard cash‚ can produce an award-winning web resource for women living with gynecologic cancer. Managed entirely by ten survivor-volunteers, without formal sponsorship or funding, EOTP has succeeded in providing a one-stop-shop of information and support for women who find their fertility, femininity, and very lives threatened by cancer and its treatment. September is designated by The Gynecologic Cancer Foundation as Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month (GCAM) and is supported and promoted by president Sue Donley reports, "Our web community has filled a void that better-funded and associated sites can't fill. We knew women with these cancers were searching for quality information and support, because that's what we were looking for and couldn't find it. So working from all corners of North America, we created it and the response so far has been overwhelming! We celebrated last week by incorporating as a non-profit organization to ensure that keeps on growing for years to come."

The most popular features of the site include the "My Story" section where women share their cancer journeys in written memoirs. In the "FAQ" section survivors offer answers to "Frequently Asked Questions" from their own unique experiences, giving multiple personal perspectives. "Resources" points the way to that hard-to-find information on the web and in libraries and bookstores. Visitors who join the email discussion list get their dose of warm daily support from other members who are ready to share laughs, tears, and hard-won knowledge of living with cancer. "More than anything, women get comfort from hearing about others who have run the race before them‚" Jamie Roumeliotis, executive co-director says, "We offer support when they need it, 24 hours a day." The combination of authentic "been-there, done-that" wisdom with rigorously evaluated information has earned the site press coverage and story syndication in both on-line and print news.

By incorporating as a nonprofit organization, hopes to raise funds to expand their support and advocacy activities. "We see the benefit of fostering partnerships between professional medical organizations and as the voice of women who are living with these cancers that hit below the belt. It’s just common sense," states Cathy Black, executive co-director. "According to the American Cancer Society statistics, the incidence of the gynecologic cancers combined surpasses that of either lung cancer or colon cancer in women, yet these diseases are still very much in the closet," continues Black. "We know that by combining our voices (EOTP represents ovarian, endometrial, cervical, vulva, vaginal and gestational cancers) we can make ourselves be heard."

Feedback from site visitors and list members reinforce that this resource is long overdue. "Thanks so much for making this happen, it is awesome to come in contact with real people with the same issues. My hat is off to all of you," says one member. "I got to the point where I thought I was losing my emotional stability. Thank God I saw a reference to this group and tried it out. EOTP saved my sanity and let me recognize that I was feeling the anger and frustration that goes with the territory," offers another. "I had no idea what questions to ask. Then, I found EOTP, a wonderful resource of questions and answers."

Contact: Cathy Black or 905-547-5684