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 Behind the scenes: Credits and contacts

 Board of Directors

 Medical Advisory Panel was founded by ten gynecologic cancer survivors from the USA and Canada who met through an Internet support group and shared a common commitment. A profound fellowship, which developed during powerful moments of sharing our own experiences with diagnosis, treatment, and side-effects, fueled our desire to create this safe and supportive place for other women and provide the information for which we searched in vain. We knew that by uniting to include all gynecologic cancers, our voices would be heard louder and stronger, and from this, our unique community was born.

We knew that women needed the answers to even their most intimate questions. We knew the power of having the best information when we had the hardest decisions to make. We knew the comfort of hearing "I understand, I've been there." We felt our very womanhood threatened and violated by disease and its treatments. We knew that thousands of women were suffering in silence because of being diagnosed with a cancer that hits "below the belt."

Since launched on Mother's Day 2000, we have suffered loss, but others have shared our vision and rallied to help advance our cause. grows steadily through the talent and goodwill of survivors like us and others who are good enough to care about us. If you would like to join this corps of committed volunteers, email Learn more about our mission and how to help.

Behind the scenes

Day-to-day operations

Susan Donley

Webmaster, List co-moderator
Advisory positions - FAQ, Newsletter, In Your Community

Judy Knapp, Ph.D., M.S.W

Vice President,
Medical Advisory Panel chair

Kathleen Allen

Stories editor; newsletter editor, List co-moderator

Karen Phillips

FAQ team, List co-moderator

Cathy Black (1961-2001)

Board member in Aeternum
With us in spirit


Credits and contacts

Media and Public Relations

Web design and maintenance

Susan Donley


H. Edward Donley, Ph.D.
IUP Software Development Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Karen Phillips
Michele Trackman

Susan Donley

Answers from the Pros

Judy Knapp, Ph.D., M.S.W., chair
Medical Advisory Panel


Kathleen Allen, editor


List co-moderators

Karen Phillips, Kathleen Allen, Susan Donley


In Your Community

Shirley Schutt

EOTP store

Susan Donley

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Medical Advisory Panel

Medical Advisory Panel