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We created EOTP because accurate and understandable information on gynecologic cancers was not readily available to us when we were diagnosed. We are determined that information about gynecologic cancers, and places to go for support, be made widely available to all women, through women's healthcare centers, physicians' offices, the media, or word of mouth.

Here is a beginning list of tools, organizations and actions we can use to spread the word.

Help us build this section: List your local support groups and use the email link at the bottom of each page to submit tools, organizations, action and events. Together we can change the ignorance, terror, and shame that women feel when diagnosed with cancers of their most personal body space.

In your community

 Find and announce local, on-the-ground cancer support groups in our database:

 Find a support group in your area
 Add your support group to our database


 Find organizations to support you through cancer or take action on behalf of gyn cancers.

Action and events

 Want better awareness for gyn cancers in the media and your community? Take action!


 Help raise awareness of gynecological cancers and spread the word about "EyesOnThePrize":

 Promotional materials to download, print, and take to your doctor's office! electronic postcard greetings
 Ribbon campaign: Wear the purple prize ribbon for gyn cancer awareness!

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