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Join us in raising awareness of gynecological cancers and in your community! We have created some tools to help you!

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper

 During September, Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month (GCAM) write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Here is a sample letter that you can adapt:

September 2003

Letter to the Editor
(newspaper’s name)
(newspaper's address)

Last year, more than 80,000 women in the USA received an unexpected diagnosis: cancer of a reproductive organ. This means that on average, one woman in the United States is diagnosed with gynecologic cancer every seven minutes -- that’s more than 200 women diagnosed each and every day.

While these types of cancer -- including cervical, uterine and ovarian -- are rarely discussed, they affect more women than lung cancer or colon cancer.

September is Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month, an opportunity to educate women regarding the symptoms and treatment of gynecologic cancer of all types.

As a gynecologic cancer survivor, I encourage all women to take care of themselves by:

  • Scheduling routine medical exams, including an annual pap test

  • Visiting doctors whenever unusual symptoms develop

  • Seeking the support of other cancer survivors, if necessary

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I found much-needed support through, an international web community that provides information and emotional support from the survivor's perspective. The web site’s resources include an email discussion list, a chance to "Ask The Pros," links to medical sites, and an "In Your Community" database that directs women to support groups in their hometowns.


(your name)
(your address)
(your phone number)

Please let us know if your letter is published! Together we can make a difference!

Spread the word about this site

 Promotional materials to take to your doctors office, hospital, support group or community centre. Just download and print on your inkjet or laser printer:

 Waiting room poster: An invitation to join us. Perfect for bulletin boards or patient areas. Download poster Acrobat PDF file (72K). pocket cards: An ideal size for slipping in a lab coat or affixing to a patient chart. Help your healthcare professionals support other patients by directing them our way. Download EOTP cards Acrobat PDF file (40k).

These pocket cards will print out on Avery pre-perforated business card stock, available at office supply stores for both inkjet and laser printers. You may also print them on any heavy paper and use the cut lines in the margins to trim them to size. Important note: When you use the Print command in Acrobat Reader, be sure to turn off the "fit to page" option or the cards and poster will not align properly.

 You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and print out these PDF materials. If you don't already have it, you may download it free from Adobe's web site. Get Acrobat Reader.

Send an electronic postcard greeting

Send one of our custom postcards to a friend or your favourite nurse. What a great way to say "thanks" and "come join us."

Ribbon campaign

Wear our purple prize ribbon to promote GYN cancer awareness!

Email us with your ideas for getting the word out: