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EyesOnThePrize.org (EOTP) is a descriptive site, NOT a prescriptive site. Information you find here should be considered the private experience of the persons sharing that information. You should talk with your doctor about any treatments discussed in these pages. EOTP is not a medical site.

EOTP does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information in or provided in connection with this web site. We are not responsible for any errors or omissions or for the results obtained from the use of information on this site. Information at EOTP is provided with the understanding that neither EOTP nor its members, while such members are participating in EOTP, are engaged in rendering legal, medical, counseling or other professional services or advice. EOTP encourages you to seek appropriate professional advice or care for any situation or problem which you may have.

We have provided links to other internet sites to enable you to search for the information you seek. We encourage you to take this information to your health care provider for discussion and review.

Privacy Policy

At EyesOnThePrize.org (EOTP.org), we respect your privacy. We want to assure an atmosphere of safety, support, and trust. This policy outlines the information that we collect about EOTP.org visitors and participants, and describes how that information is used.

Email Discussion List

EOTP.org manages an email discussion list supporting women living with gynecological cancers. EOTP.org will not share email message content with persons who are not on the list without the author's approval. EOTP.org will not share names and email addresses of list members with persons who are not on the list without the list member's permission.

Web Site Programs

The EOTP.org Web site contains several interactive features that are supported by software applications. These programs collect information from those who use the interactive features. This information is used only for the purposes listed in the table below. Please keep in mind that by posting information or comments on the EOTP.org website, that information or comments may be viewed by all visitors to the website. The EOTP.org technical administrator does have unlimited access to all information but would use such information only in ways that conform to the EOTP.org Privacy Policy.

EOTP.org Software System

Information Collected


Use of Information

Ask the Pro

email address

EOTP medical experts

response from a medical expert

medical question

EOTP medical experts, all site visitors

response from a medical expert

Electronic Postcards

name, email address

recipient of postcard

viewed only by recipient

Local Support Group Database

support group contact information

all site visitors

publicize support group

Tributes and Condolences

name or alias, email address (optional)

all site visitors

public tribute to a deceased EOTP list

HTTP Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored in Web site visitors' computers. EOTP.org uses cookies to collect anonymous traffic data about visitors, such as tracking the paths that visitors take through the site and the length of time that they spend on each page. Visitors will not miss out on any of the site's features if they have configured their browsers to disable cookies.

EOTP Newsletter

EOTP.org maintains an email address list of its newsletter subscribers. The list is used only for distributing the monthly newsletter. These email addresses are not shared with any other organizations.

Web Site Statistics

EOTP.org collects standard Web server log statistics, such as the domain name or IP address of the machine requesting a page, the page requested, the date and time it was accessed, and the type of Web browser used. EOTP.org works with a third party that collects anonymous traffic data at this site. EOTP.org will not use these Services to track or collect personally identifiable information of site visitors.

Financial Information

EOTP.org financial contributors' personal information will not be shared with any other organizations, unless required by law.

Dispute Resolution

If a site visitor believes that these privacy policies have been violated, please contact the EOTP.org ombudsman, Judy Knapp, at jknapp@mail.magee.edu. The ombudsman, an EOTP.org board member but not an EOTP.org officer, will attempt to correct the error or resolve the dispute.

Third Party Privacy Policies

EOTP.org participates in affiliate programs with various on-line retailers, such as Amazon.com and Cafe Press. EOTP.org will not share any information about its individual site visitors with any of these on-line retailers. The information that site visitors provide directly to these retailers is governed by their own privacy policies.

Changes to the EOTP.org Privacy Policy

EOTP.org reserves the right to amend this policy from time to time by posting such amendment on the EOTP website