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Here we have divided our favorite links between General Gynecologic Oncology and the specific Gyn cancers. Our springboard is the excellent Oncolink site; another reference area is provided by the University of Washington’s gynoncology department. In addition we have included other unique sites devoted to women’s cancers, professional associations, and a pathology link.

General Gynecologic Oncology  Cervical Cancer  Endometrial & Uterine Cancer  Fallopian Tube Cancer  Gestational Trophoblastic Disease  Ovarian Cancer  Vaginal Cancer  Vulvar Cancer

 General Gynecologic Oncology

 The Gynecologic Oncology section at Oncolink-Upenn features sections on clinical trials, fertility/sexual issues, genetics and gyn cancers, screening and prevention.

 Introduction to Gynecologic Oncology provides tutorials from the U of Washington, a glossary, and links to the specific gyn cancers as well as CancerLink (which includes support groups as well as professional level information).

 The Society of Gynecologic Oncologists' web site includes a membership directory to help locate a gyn-oncologist.

 Womens Cancer Network developed by the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation, offers a confidential risk-assessment questionnaire, among many other features in an interactive setting.

 American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists web site also includes membership directory and resources.

 The Society of Gynecologic Nurse Oncologists, an international organization devoted to the care of patient with gyn cancers, offers links to publications, and professional resources.

 The Association of Oncological Social Workers is a two-fold organization of practicing OSW devoted to awareness issues (social, emotional, educational, and spiritual ) as well as advocacy (education through conferences and publications; promotion of clinical research; and networking). Check out the Cancer Survival Toolbox at

 Women's Health Cancer Centres (Canada) is home on the web to Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Centre, a new health care organization that combines the strengths of three of Canada's finest hospitals.

 Womens Cancer Center is the site of a group of California physicians specializing in gynecologic cancer treatment, participating in the Gynecologic Oncology Group (GOG), which offers clinical trials for those who qualify.

 University of Utah medical library pathology site (warning, graphic images) has images of normal and diseased tissue and organs.

 A Guide to Coping with Gynecological Cancers, starting with diagnosis and working through emotions, treatments, support options, and other useful advice, can be found on the Canadian Womens Health Network site. (French version:'s Guide to Gynecologic Cancers is a rich resource and starting place for links, chat, and multi-faceted approaches to gyn cancer information and support, hosted by guide Laura Dolson.

 Laura Dolson's Gynecologic Cancer Resources provides links to articles relating to second opinions, understanding statistics, cancer warning signs, and when to see a Gynecologic Oncologist.

 Cervical Cancer

 Cervical cancer section at Oncolink

 The National Cervical Cancer Coalition is devoted to enhancing awareness of cervical cancer, providing support for women dealing with its issues, and reviewing screening and treatment programs.

 The Cervical Cancer Public Education site provides a downloadable campaign message on cervical cancer awareness, based on its mission to fill the knowledge gap, working in conjunction with the American Medical Women’s Association (an organization of women physicians and medical students)

 Illustrations and explanations of cervical cancer procedures, and treatment options are discussed at this site

 The Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center offers a complete explanation of the LEEP procedure ( and Colposcopy ( for cervical cancer treatment.

 Digene's Resource Center for Women provides information on HPV and cervical cancer. including educational materials on HPV (in English and Spanish) and a great audio guide.

 The HPV Test explains HPV testing using FAQs and facts, including not only expert opinions, but also questions to ask your doctor about Pap and HPV tests with links to HPV Centers of Excellence.

 Endometrial and Uterine Cancer

 Endometrial cancer section at Oncolink.

 The Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Centre Endometrial Cancer Centre, provides risk factors, explanations of diagnostic tests, treatment options, and recent research.

 Fallopian Tube Cancer

 Fallopian Tube cancer section at Oncolink.

 Gestational Trophoblastic Disease

 GTD and Choriocarcinoma section at Oncolink.

 WebMD article on chorioblastoma:

 Hmole & Choriocarcinoma web site (UK) provides information and support on this unique situation.

 Visit hCG reference service for more information on hCG and testing.

 The International Society for the Study of Trophoblastic Diseases provides patient information on trophoblastic diseases adapted from the Dept. of Gynecology at Yale University.

 Ovarian Cancer

 Ovarian cancer section at Oncolink.

 National Ovarian Cancer Coalition’s website highlights quick links and fact sheets for this silent disease, as well as listings for state chapters and a newsletter.

 The Johns Hopkins Ovarian Cancer website, a public/patient information site, details the diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancer, providing information for each individual ovarian tumor type as well as information about clinical trials, research, resources, and legislative issues.

 Visit Gilda’s Club, for Family Focus support and listings of affiliates.

 The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance offers information on a model for advocacy groups, lists new clinical trials, and encourages research funding and advocacy.

 Vaginal Cancer

 Vaginal cancer section at Oncolink.

 Vulvar Cancer

 Vulvar cancer section at Oncolink.