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Web links | Medical reference

In this reference section, we have listed links to help you find answers to your general health questions, some search sites for medical information (including OTC and prescription drugs), resource-oriented sites devoted to womens health issues like menopause, plus on-line medical journals and health news.

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 General health

 Merck Manual of Medical Information, is now available in an updated free home edition, including text and interactive versions, both available from the home page, and both either searchable or browsable.

 Medical Reference For Non-Medical Librarians, the ultimate resource for links to on-line medical dictionaries, textbooks and magazines, health, cancer and alternative therapies sites; compiled by librarians at the Health Sciences Library at UNC-Chapel Hill, NC and Denison Memorial Library, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

 The Surgeon General’s Web Site at offers timely information on all aspects of health news, some "cool tools", a medical encyclopedia, and centers for community and health and wellness.

 WebMD Health provides a general News & Events center with areas devoted to "Living Better", dealing with new diagnoses, and updating breaking health news.

 Learn more about your body's anatomy using Gray's Anatomy on-line textbook, featuring many drawings and color graphics and a search engine to find them easily.

 Dr. Stephen Barrett's QUACKWATCH site is a "must" for checking out the authenticity of medical information on the net, including among its many resources sections on questionable products and services, consumer protection, provider verifications, and lots of other quackery. Versions available in German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

 Women's health

 OB-GYN Network is a women’s health orientated, physician-reviewed network, with a special section for Latina/International visitors.

 An ob-gyn database/search engine, sponsored by the Society of Ob-Gyns, can be used for womens health and ob-gyn questions, as well as archives of medical journals.

 Get all the menopause information available at Menopause Online

 The North American Menopause Society's discussion of various types of menopause is a helpful place to learn more about surgical and treatment-induced menopause.

 The Resource center of the NY TIMES provides current womens health information.

 The National Womens Health Information Center, a project of the US Dept of Health and Human Services, is a one-stop gateway for women seeking health information. (English/Spanish)

 Health news

 US Gov't Healthfinder provides reliable information from the US Dept of Health and Human Services.

 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has peer-reviewed resources at the Womens Health area of the Journal of the American Medical Association is located at

 CANCER NEWS On The Net features recent news searches, a link to the Bloch Cancer Foundation, links to ongoing clinical trial information, plus a newsletter to begun in mid-2000.

 The Journal of Clinical Oncology has searchable archives, plus the option to browse past issues.

 General drug reference

 Rx List, offers a keyword search, interaction info, and FAQ’s on alternative medicines.

 Planet Rx is an on-line pharmacy where you can compare brands, and find helpful information on prescription drugs and their applications and usage guidelines.

 Physicians Desk Reference for Consumers includes links to PDR® for Herbal Medicines, the PDR® "Getting Well Network", "Oncology" and many other valuable resources referencing pharmaceuticals and supplements and their use.

 The PDR® Family Guide to Prescription Drugs (Physicians' Desk Reference, PDR®) provides excellent resources for drug information, arranged alphabetically or available through search.