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The In Your Community database of on-the-ground support groups that welcome women with gynecologic cancers is searchable by geographic area or type of support group. Search for groups or add your group to the database.

In an attempt to reach all women, we have found some sites which are directed to multicultural and special populations, as well as a translation services site. Where noted, sites are available in French and Spanish.

Multicultural/Special populations  Support

 Multicultural/Special populations

 The Intercultural Cancer Council's site is a broad-based information resource on cancers affecting minorities and other under served populations.

 The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship addresses all types of cancer and includes a guide to setting up a Minority Cancer Survivor's Program. (English/Spanish)

 Latino can be searched in Espanol. A broad-based site for doctors, patients and researchers, it includes a section on cervical cancer. (English/Spanish)

 Native American C.I.R.C.L.E. Sponsored by the Mayo Clinic, , this site provides resources on gynecologic cancers through the American Indian/Alaska Native Cancer Information Resource Center and Learning Exchange.

 Cancercare links provides a comprehensive list of links with resources for financial assistance, cross-cultural and international cancer resources, as well as links to complimentary/alternative sites.

 Another language? Use the Babelfish Translation Service site


 The Association of Oncological Social Workers is a two-fold organization of practicing OSW devoted to awareness issues (social, emotional, educational, and spiritual ) as well as advocacy (education through conferences and publications; promotion of clinical research; and networking). Check out the Cancer Survival Toolbox at

 Cancer Care spotlights the "Helping Hand Resource Guide" a bookstore, legislative alerts, as well as a toll-free Counseling Line and teleconference programs, provided free of charge and available to all. Cancer Care's Spanish site. (English/Spanish)

 A Guide to Coping with Gynecological Cancers, starting with diagnosis and working through emotions, treatments, support options, and other useful advice, can be found on the Canadian Womens Health Network site. (French version:

 Healthnet Canada provides a principal communication link between physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other health care workers throughout the country, plus public health resources and links to newswires. (English/French)'s Financial Assistance for Cancer section includes information for patients and families about medical assistance and insurance coverage, reimbursements, handling paperwork and links to details for free air flights and other services.

 The Patient Advocate Foundation provides assistance in resolving disputes with insurers, employers, health care providers, and creditors, and also includes a searchable National Financial Resources Guidebook for Patients.