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EyesOnThePrize is a community of women living with gynecologic cancer. Our mission is to provide information and emotional support to women living with gynecologic cancer. An important aspect of our community is the EyesOnThePrize email discussion list.

Besides survivors, we also welcome friends, family members and caregivers of women affected by gyn cancer to this list. Members of the healthcare community are encouraged to participate as well. To subscribe to the list, send a blank email to:

When the moderators (listmoms) get your subscription request they will write to you asking for your name, geographic location, diagnosis, and your reason for wanting to join.

This screening allows us to keep spammers, marketers, etc. from joining. Any information provided will be kept confidential. You will be asked to introduce yourself to the list members once you are subbed and it's up to you what you reveal there. Please at least give your name and your diagnosis or your professional affiliation.

Please note! Participants in EyesOnThePrize are not medical authorities. All medical decisions rest with a woman and her health care team.

Please read our List Guidelines.

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